Great beer and a great atmosphere since 1841.

We’re lucky to have a fairly comprehensive record of the White Hart’s history from the past couple of hundred years. Below is a list of every owner known since the pub became the White Hart, 170 years ago.

Mr David McBurnie
He was the first to give the hotel the White Hart name and he held the licence for 6 years.

Mr Joseph Bowman
He held the licence for 5 years and the 1851 census shows he lived here with his wife and two sons.

Lost Records
All court licence records have been lost and all surviving duplicate licences for these periods have been checked.

Census 1861
Catherine Lynn (34)
The 1861 Census shows that she lived here with her 3 sons and 1 daughter. Her son William (8) worked as a labourer.

Census 1871
Mr Richard Kirk
The 1871 census shows that he lived here at the hotel with his wife and his 2 sons, along with 2 maids.

Census 1881
Mr James Laidlaw
The 1881 census shows that he lived here with his wife, 3 sons and 2 daughters. Also recorded living there was a maid.

Mrs Margaret Harris
The record shows a conviction in 1909 that resulted in a fine and several days in prison. Unfortunately, no court record survived to say what the conviction was for. Harassing a maid, possibly?

Mrs Mary Murphy

Held the licence for 5 years.

Mr John Raffel
He held the licence for a short period before dropping dead at his pumps, and his ghost still occasionally walks here!!

Mr Peter Smith
Managed to keep the hotel running during most of the war years, in spite of the shortening of opening hours and rationing.

Mr David Anderson
All records other than licence records have been lost relating to this owner.

Mr Robert Peters
In 1950 Mr Peters was ordered to carry out repairs to the building or lose his licence.

Vaux Breweries Ltd
Carried out major improvements including a new first floor dining room.

Mr Colin James Campbell
Was only here for less than a year when he saw the ghost and left soon after.

Flt Lt Mervyn McCord RAF VR
In 1973 he was granted a licence for one amusement machine with prizes.

Mr James O’Hare
The only information is that he was a sales rep from Ayrshire.

Joseph Johnstone
Retired in 1979 after a short ownership.

Gaetlano Campanile
Lived in the premises.

Mr Frank Gilfedder
Survived the White Hart for less than a year.

Mr Robert W. Little
Retired 1997, and so the White Hart was kept in the family for the first time by selling ownership to their eldest daughter, Susan.

Mrs Susan McMillan
The still-present owner of The White Hart Hotel.